Welcome to The Martinez Group, LLC.

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[col class=”span4″]remodel-quiz-250x150We are a flourishing organization formed by professionals who are fully capable of meeting and surpassing the expectations of any customer. We can assure you that our customers always receive utmost quality in every single aspect of our work which is what we take pride in and distinguishes us from a multitude of local firms.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]commercial remodelingOur team is made up of proficient members with areas of specialty in virtually every single aspect of the remodeling industry. This can be accounted for from the 10 years of field experience that the key leaders bring to the company. We strive for one objective; this is the success of the company and come together as a team to meet our goals.[/col]
[col class=”span4″]MeasureEstimateOur customers come back because we work to determine your needs and provide prompt and complete estimates and suggestions to help you meet your budget. You are kept up-to-date with planning and scheduling of your job. We cover the entire state of Minesota.[/col]